08 December, 2021

You Cannot Mock the King

YouTube censors Dr. Fauci satire song video (reclaimthenet.org)

YouTube censored and demonetized a song criticizing Dr. Anthony Fauci. The platform claimed that the song violated its policy on medical misinformation.

The song, called “Sad Little Man” by Five Times August, accuses Fauci of lying. It references experiments performed on beagles that the Fauci-led National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases was accused of funding.

The song also says people worship Dr. Fauci, accepting everything he says.

The video of the song contains animated images of Fauci in a crown, clown shoes, and at some point with devil’s horns.

It’s satire. It’s not supposed to be an information source.

The Left has no sense of humor whatsoever.

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