08 December, 2021

He Should Have Never Been Charged, and the Prosecutor Knew It

Amanda Knox Comes Out Swinging For Rittenhouse With ‘Unpopular Opinion’: ‘Radically Irresponsible’ He Was Even Charged | The Daily Wire

A lot of people weren’t willing to take the evidence of the case seriously. Instead [they] were trying to convict him based upon their interpretation of his character,” she added.

Knox asserted that it was “radically, radically irresponsible of the prosecutor to charge him with murder in the first place.”

“This was not a murder case,” Knox said, adding that Rittenhouse had a right to defend himself. “If you don’t like the self-defense law you can go to your legislature and say you don’t believe in self-defense,” she said.

Knox also called out the “character assassination” of the teen, and noted that much of the information, false or true, was “irrelevant” to his innocence.

“There was so much focus on irrelevant information and character assassination instead of the specific actions that led up to this tragic moment,” she told Kelly. “Which isn’t to say that Kyle Rittenhouse should be celebrated as a hero either because that’s again playing him as a political football.”

“He’s kid who made a mistake but he doesn’t deserve to spend the rest of his in prison for it,” she added.

100% correct. People made up their minds that they didn’t like Kyle, therefore he must be guilty. The law doesn’t care about your feelings. It cares about the facts. The facts never supported a case.

You don’t remember Amanda? She has some experience in these matters.

Knox, an American, was wrongful convicted and imprisoned for the murder of her roommate while studying in Italy.

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