10 December, 2021

These Are Human Rights Abuses in Australia

Three Teenagers Who Tested Negative For COVID Arrested In Australia For Leaving Quarantine | The Daily Wire

They never had the China Virus. They tested negative. Yet they were still in one of Australia’s China Virus Concentration Camps.

They escaped, and then there was a nationwide manhunt for them.

Three teenagers were arrested in Australia after climbing a fence to escape a COVID-19 quarantine compound in the middle of the night.

The teens – aged 15, 16, and 17 – had all tested negative for COVID-19 but were being quarantined because they were close contacts of people who had tested positive. They were being held in a COVID-19 quarantine facility in Howard Springs, just outside Northern Territory capital city Darwin, Australia news outlet ABC reported.

At a press conference on Thursday, local time, NT Police Commissioner Jamie Chalker said the teens were found just outside Palmerston and had been arrested after police chased them on foot. At the time, NT Chief Minister Michael Gunner said the teens had not had any contact with members of the community.

Why didn’t someone stop and think, “OMG, why are we doing this? This is insane! These people have done nothing wrong, and we’re hunting them down like rabid dogs!”

I’m tired of “virus fever”. And if you have it, I’m tired of you. You can take you panic and hide in a hole with it, but leave me alone.

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