11 December, 2021

Oh No! My Kids Will Starve!

Supply Chain Crisis Leads To Shortage Of Chicken Tenders, Second Chicken Shortage In 2021 | The Daily Wire

According to a report from NBC’s “Today Show,” chicken tenders, which are fillets cut from the breast of a chicken, are in short supply.

Tenders are different from chicken nuggets, which are made from scrap meat from the whole chicken. Because the tenders take more work to produce, they can be harder to find or more costly, experts told “Today.” The average price of a value pack of whole chicken breast tenderloins has risen nearly a dollar per pound since last year, from $3.02 per pound in 2020 to $3.99 this year.

The shortage has actually prompted several chicken restaurant chains, such as KFC and A&W, to stop featuring chicken tenders in their advertising campaigns in order to avoid selling out of them in their restaurants.

This is a disaster of biblical proportions. It was one thing when I couldn’t get a new video card. But chicken tenders? Now you’ve gone a step too far. Someone’s going to pay for this!

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