10 December, 2021

This Is Unfortunate, but He Does Have the Authority to Do This

At least he didn’t say anything about “dishonorable discharge”.

Defense Secretary: Unvaccinated National Guard Members Cannot Train, Be Paid | The Daily Wire

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin said that members of the Army National Guard who refuse to comply with the Biden administration’s vaccine mandate would be prohibited from undergoing the required training and drills they need to maintain their status as Guardsmen.

In an internal memo to leaders of the armed forces, according to the Associated Press, Austin spelled out the new policy, directing leaders of the four service branches to publish guidance dealing with men and women serving in the National Guard who refuse the vaccine. “Vaccination is essential to the health and readiness of the force,” Austin said.

The only positive thing I can say here is that this isn’t a blatant over-reach like the rest of the vax mandates. As Secretary of Defense, he has the authority to make these rules for the Armed Forces, and that includes the Guard.

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