07 December, 2021

When You’re a Democrat President and You’ve Lost the New York Times

SHOCKER: NYT Throws Cold Water on Biden’s Massive Infrastructure Bill | Newsbusters

Independent journalist Ralph Vartabedian wrote an eye-opening analysis for The Times critiquing the bill as extremely risky. He cited the major cost escalation problems that plagued one of Honolulu, Hawaii’s infrastructure projects as a case study for how the dilemma with “big infrastructure” is exacerbated when applied nationally.

Vartabedian said the “national spending spree fueled” by Biden’s $1.2 trillion bill “carries enormous risks that the projects will face the same kind of cost, schedule and technical problems that have hobbled ambitious efforts from New York to Seattle, delaying benefits to the public and driving up the price tag that taxpayers ultimately will bear.”

Talk about a buzzkill for media liberals like Joy Behar and New York Times economist Paul Krugman who’ve been whipping out the pompoms for Biden’s infrastructure efforts in past months.

Well, if Paul Krugman is for it, you pretty much know it’s bad. The man is a complete idiot.

But this is bad news from NYT. Going to be hard to pass BBB with this kind of headwind.

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