11 December, 2021

Great, They’ll Be Free to Loot Again

14 California Looters Arrested by Police Have Been Released – PJ Media

Thieves hit 11 Los Angeles area stores that weekend, stealing $338,000 in merchandise. But several of the looters pled poverty and got out, thanks to a California Supreme Court decision that ordered judges in the state to consider a suspect’s ability to pay when setting bail. If you can show you are “indigent” — no visible income or means of support — you get to walk.


But these are just looters, no problem, right?

One of the suspects is charged with murder, while the other is charged with being an accessory to murder. The shooting stemmed from a road rage incident after the victim collided with several other vehicles. The man charged with murder, Efrain Anzures, claims he fired in self-defense.

Nice. Let’s set them all free. More people can get robbed and killed.

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