10 December, 2021

Let’s Brainstorm on This Spooky Blind-Spot


News Outlet Suggests People Should ‘Think Twice’ Before Using Words Like ‘Brainstorm,’ ‘Spooky,’ And ‘Blind-Spot’ | The Daily Wire

Every day we’re more and more like George Orwell’s 1984. Now we’re in the scene where Winston is editing the dictionary and removing words.

A news outlet in Canada has released a list of words that it says could be deemed offensive and suggest that people “think twice” before use including words like spooky, blackmail, brainstorm, and blind-spot.

The Ottawa branch of CBC News, Canada’s public news outlet, recently posted an article titled “Words and phrases you may want to think twice about using.” It consulted a number of “anti-racism” experts and linguists to analyze a number of common words and phrases that some apparently consider offensive

Ye gods.

The article goes on and on. There are dozens of words listed that they don’t want us to use anymore. I’m just going to keep talking like I always have, and if you’re offended by it, tell me. If you can convince me that your offense is deserved, I may modify my language.


I already don’t say a lot of things my grandfather said and a lot of things my father still says. I think I’m doing well enough.

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