11 December, 2021

Protests Spread Across Europe

More! More! More!

Tens of thousands protest vaccine mandates, lockdowns across Europe | One America News Network (oann.com)

Spain, The Netherlands, and more.

I love it.


Saturday night, thousands in Barcelona attended a protest against regional Catalonia’s vaccine pass system. In November, the Catalan high court ruled the region’s parliament was allowed to institute a new COVID pass law, which requires proof of vaccination or previous infection to enter restaurants, bars, gyms and other venues.

Now, despite being 80 percent vaccinated, adults in the region are being told if they want to eat out or improve their health at a gym, they must first show government papers proving medical cleanliness to authorities. One man, a professor of Chinese medicine, said there’s so many people who have adverse side effects to the vaccines that it’s morally wrong to force people to get the COVID jab.


Nearby in the Netherlands, protests have once again started up as the government imposes new lockdown measures on the 73 percent vaccinated population. The protests across the region were mostly peaceful, which couldn’t be said for the protests just two weeks before.

When the government first announced a ban on unvaccinated Dutchmen and Dutchwomen entering many public places, riots took over the major cities. The proposed law faced such bitter backlash that parliament decided not to pursue it for the time being, and has instead opted for general curfews on bars and restaurants.

I hope this kind of thing spreads to America. Soon.

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