07 December, 2021

The Corrupt Investigating the Corrupt

CNN Plans ‘Thorough Review’ After Document Dump Suggests Chris Cuomo Had Larger Role Advising Andrew Cuomo | The Daily Wire

CNN first became aware in May that the “Cuomo Primetime” host had advised his brother on how to handle allegations of sexual harassment and assault, and opted at the time not to suspend him. Instead, the network issued a statement calling the move “inappropriate” and saying that he would “not participate in such conversations going forward.”

So, here’s the thing. They knew. CNN knew. They just didn’t do anything about it. They didn’t care. It wasn’t until it became public and made them look bad that they did something. You can definitely believe that if this had stayed under wraps, Chris Cuomo would still be happily hosting his show.

The corrupt investigating the corrupt.


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