10 December, 2021

That’s Because Democrats Buy Into the Fear

And will keep doing so as long as there is a Democrat in the White House.

Poll: 80% of Democrat voters afraid of Omicron, only 35% of Republicans are concerned | One America News Network (oann.com)

The poll also found the majority of Republican voters, 59 percent, said they are “not very concerned” or “not concerned” at all about Omicron despite the latest media frenzy.

“Democrat poll numbers are cratering, so the White House is stoking up unscientific fears about emerging variants to justify their unpopular policies,” noted Texas congressman Ronny Jackson. “This is a calculated political decision. Where is the science that’s dictating their heavy-handed response to the Omicron variant?”

The Republican lawmaker asserted that the left is simply using this new variant scare to further push lockdowns, vaccine mandates and other coronavirus restrictions. He insisted that the whole thing is political, not scientific.

See, this completely contradicts Heilemann as I said in my last post.

It’s the left that continues to try to use this virus as a political weapon. What they’re finding out though is that it’s not working nearly as well anymore. And it will continue to be less and less effective. They need to find a new plan.

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