11 December, 2021

If You Want to Decrease Reliance on Fossil Fuels, Nuclear Is the Only Answer

Sure, there are some places who will have enough room and resources to manage solar. And it may even become a reasonable way for most Americans to power their homes. As long as there are reliable non-solar power sources still on the grid that solar users can take from on cloudy days.

But there are too many things that just can’t be easily converted that way. You’re never getting a battery powered 747 off the ground, for example. And even if you could, how much solar energy would you need to charge those batteries every day? And our energy needs go up every year. We’re increasingly tech and energy reliant.

Therefore: nuclear.

Nuclear Power: Growing Support from Greens, Center-Left | National Review

The past few weeks have seen a radical change in the outlook for nuclear energy. Coincident with the global COP26 conference, major center-left forces have shifted their position from opposition to support. While a year ago French president Emmanuel Macron was calling for cutting the nuclear fraction of France’s electric power from its current 75 percent down to 50 percent (thereby eliminating the world’s only actually decarbonized major electric-power grid), on November 9 he called for “relaunching construction of nuclear reactors in our country

Hopefully, we’ll see more like this. But I have my doubts.

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