07 December, 2021

Probably Not, but It’s Not Like We Have Any Other Options


Does Kevin McCarthy Have What It Takes to Be Speaker? – PJ Media

He’s good at talking the talk, particularly as Minority Leader. That mostly involves a lot of shouting and holding a hard line. It’s quite a different job to be Speaker. Not sure if he’s up to it. But we won’t know until he is.

“Right now, the speakership is McCarthy’s to lose,” Axios correspondents Alayna Treene and Andrew Solender wrote this week. “The big question mark is whether McCarthy will be able to secure 218 votes on the floor, a quest he’s failed in the past. This is where McCarthy’s balancing act comes in. The danger for him will be if a block of members — whether they’re conservative firebrands in the House Freedom Caucus, or House moderates who feel alienated by his criticism thus far — choose to withhold their votes on the floor.”

You’ll see more stories like this in the next few months, particularly come November. But, it would be a major shocker if he’s not Speaker in January 2023.

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