10 December, 2021

The Left Caused This

They propped up BLM. They propped up Antifa.

These are both dangerous terrorist organizations, bent on destruction of our cities and our way of life. They both hate the police and want to bring them down.

And the left went after the police too with the #DefundThePolice movement. This gave these groups more reason to attack police. The results are hardly surprising.

Number Of Police Officers Shot, Killed In Line Of Duty Hits New High | The Daily Wire

The number of police shot and killed in the line of duty has reached a new high, according to statistics from the Fraternal Order of Police (FOP).

“[A]s of midnight on 30 November, there have been 314 officers shot in the line of duty this year. Of those officers shot, 58 of them were killed by gunfire,” the FOP stated in a presentation on monthly statistics of shootings of police.

“There have been 95 ambush-style attacks on law enforcement officers this year,” the report continued, adding that that number is more than double the number of ambush-style attacks in 2020. Those attacks resulted in 119 officers shot, with 28 fatalities, the FOP noted.

The number of both officers shot and officers killed have already surpassed the numbers from 2020 and 2019, with a month still left in 2021. In the full year of 2020, 312 officers were shot in the line of duty, with 47 killed. In 2019, 293 officers were shot, with 50 dead.

The left caused this. They cannot be allowed to run this country any longer. They are destroying it, and you’d have a hard time convincing me at this point that it’s even accidental.

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