11 December, 2021

Remember That as of Now, There Are No Known Fatalities Due to Omicron

Ireland To Limit Multi-Household Gatherings, Shut Down Nightclubs Over Omicron Concerns | The Daily Wire

There aren’t even that many cases, which makes the first sentence in this piece particularly amusing.

In response to the surging Omicron variant, the Republic of Ireland has announced a wave of new coronavirus restrictions on homes, nightclubs, and restaurants from December 7 — January 9, 2022.

According to the rules recently announced by Taoiseach Micheal Martin, multi-household gatherings should include no more than three households in one home at the same time. Nightclubs will be closed down completely and restaurants and bars will only be allowed to have seating service with parties no bigger than six people during this time as well.

Sky News also reports that “[i]ndoor events such as concerts must operate at 50% capacity.”

I hate this virus. I hate our cowardly reaction to it even more.

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