31 October, 2021

“He Had No History”

Loudoun County Prosecutor Defends Sending Alleged Teen Rapist To Different School: ‘He Had No History’ | The Daily Wire

The Daily Wire reported, earlier in October, that Scott Smith’s daughter was allegedly raped in a high school bathroom by a male student who reportedly identifies as “gender-fluid.” Smith’s face was splashed across news networks and his arrest was used as an example of challenging behavior by parents in a letter from the National School Board Association (NSBA) to the Department of Justice, demanding the DOJ investigate confrontations before they become “domestic terrorism or hate crimes.”

The 15-year-old student, who was, according to Smith, charged with several counts of sexual assault, including a charge of forcible rape and a charge of forcible sodomy — ostensibly violent crimes. The student, however, was transferred to another school within the same district and, reportedly, went on to commit a second sexual assault.

Well, now he has a history.

Wait, he’s “gender fluid”. That’s how “he” got in to the girls’ restroom in the first place. Are we using the correct pronoun? Isn’t that the most important thing in this case?

Do I need to add the sarcasm tag?

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