10 November, 2021

A List Pre-approved by Someone Else

‘I’m Told I Should Start With AP,’ Biden Says During Rome Press Conference | The Daily Wire

Americans have a right to know exactly who is running this show?

While the U.S. president often starts with the wire services first, past presidents have never announced that they were “told” to call on the AP first.

After the Q&A, Biden said, “Next question was from Jeff Mason — for Jeff Mason of Reuters.”

Biden then went to reporters from The New York Times, The Washington Post, and ABC News before running out the clock with a lengthy, rambling answer to the last question. The press conference ran just 26 minutes — pressers with former President Donald Trump would often run up to 90 minutes and more.

Clown show, I mean.

We have a fake Presidency and a fake President to go with it.


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