11 November, 2021

Yes. Yes, They Can.

CNN Analyst: Republicans Can Win Across The U.S. If They Follow Formula Glenn Youngkin Used | The Daily Wire

“Look at the map, the rural counties not only came out, they came out huge,” Jennings continued. “So, it turns out that Glenn Youngkin has solved for this problem in that you can run a race based on issues, continue to attract the Trump base, get a path back in the suburbs, and take advantage, frankly, of the just enormous collapse, continued collapse of the Democratic Party in rural areas. That’s how we win. That’s how we’re going to be successful. When you can put the suburbs back together with rural areas the way we used to do.”

I think he misses the boat a little bit. He is from CNN after all, so he can’t resist a few digs at former President Donald Trump (R-USA), but other than that his analysis is spot on.

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