13 November, 2021

Remember: They Hate You

Liberals mock family of 11 featured on CNN concerned about rising cost of milk | Fox News

They don’t care that inflation is hitting you hard. They laugh at you for having a large family, even if most of your kids are adopted. You’re a loser because you don’t live the same lifestyle they do, and you’re only worthy of being mocked.

A large family featured on CNN discussing the rising costs of basic groceries like milk was mocked by some progressive media figures on Thursday.

To demonstrate the "squeeze" of inflation and supply chain issues on everyday Americans, CNN's "New Day" featured the Stotlers, a Texas couple looking after nine children – two of whom are their biological kids, while they've adopted six more and have one foster child.

Krista Stotler said she started seeing prices rising this summer and it was costing them an extra $100 a week on groceries.

And blue checked media mocked them.

Uhhh…only two of the kids are their biological children.

There’s actually more at the link. I would say that every one of these people should be fired from their respective companies. Not because of what they said, but because of their attitudes to the American people. They can’t possibly be effective in their jobs if they have this sort of disdain for every day Americans.

But no, I don’t think they should be fired. Keep them around so they can continue to remind us what the left and the media think of the rest of us.

I can’t repeat this often enough. Hillary’s “basket full of deplorables” comment was representative of what she really thinks. Of what they all think. It was only a slip in that it was never supposed to be made public.

Don’t vote for these people. Don’t watch their “news”. Don’t read them. They’re poisoning you and poisoning America.

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