12 November, 2021

A Major U.S. Newspaper Is Calling for Censorship. Thomas Paine Is Spinning in His Grave.

Democracy Dies in Darkness, and the WaPo Wants to Kill It – PJ Media

While the Washington Post piously reminds us that “democracy dies in darkness,” it’s busy shooting out the lights: On Tuesday it published a lengthy call to Facebook to shut down dissident media, including PJ Media, because, you see, the non-Leftist publications are daring to spread “climate change denial” on the platform. Not just democracy, but also the freedom of speech will die in darkness if the Post gets its way.

Amazingly, Facebook so far is not playing ball.

Facebook, however, is not being cooperative, and not exercising enough censorship: “Earlier this year, Facebook promised to start adding informational labels to some climate posts, much like it does with election or coronavirus posts. But CCDH researchers found that of the posts they surveyed containing climate misinformation, just 8% carried Facebook’s informational label.” Nor does it look as if this is going to change anytime soon.

I’m sure they’ll roll over soon. They’re all on the same side and Facebook will remember that (or be reminded of it).

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