10 November, 2021

Heh. Can We Get Some in Indiana, Too?

Florida’s CFO Pounces to Persuade In-N-Out Burger to Move Into Sunshine State and Out of California (legalinsurrection.com)

My colleague Mary Chastain has reported on how the state of California has closed locations of the popular hamburger chain, In-N-Out, as its corporate headquarters refuses to implement policies that would force it to be “vaccine police” over its customers.

Politicians from the State of Florida have recently seized upon California’s many economic failures to persuade businesses to consider Sunshine State alternatives. For example, in the wake of the cargo ship traffic jam off California’s coast, Governor Ron DeSantis invited shippers to consider those in his state.

Now the state’s Chief Financial Officer Jimmy Patronis has pounced on another opportunity, said he’d be “honored” to help In-N-Out “find the perfect place to start a new In-N-Out story right here in Florida.”

Expect to see this more and more often over the coming years. It won’t be just China Virus related. As the left continues to expose how anti-business friendly they are, businesses will become increasingly in search of ways to escape their tyranny. And red states will roll out the…err…red carpet for them.

This is one thing I look forward to in the coming years. I just hope it’s big enough of a movement and soon enough.

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