12 November, 2021

Even Some Democrats Understand the Biden Stupidity on High Gas Prices

Top Democrat Senator Nails Biden For Blaming OPEC For High Gas Prices: We Can Fix It Ourselves | The Daily Wire

Yes, we can fix it ourselves. We did from 2017-2020. And we broke it ourselves in 2021.

“Well, I say that we can basically do more for ourself. We have been energy independent for the first time in 67 years,” Manchin said. “Why can’t we do more? Why can’t we produce more? We have got plenty of natural gas. My state, beautiful state of West Virginia, has an ocean of natural gas under it. If they just let us build a pipeline, we could get the product to market.”

“And why don’t we do more drilling, and why don’t we do more basically production in the United States?” Manchin continued. “I’m not depending on OPEC. I’m not depending on other countries for my energy anymore. We know how to do it. We have the technology. We should be resilient, relying on ourselves.”

Yes, we should rely on ourselves. But self-reliant people very rarely vote Democrat. So, Biden will continue on with his plans to destroy America.

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