10 November, 2021

Not Even One Year In, and It’s a Near Majority

From his own party.

Poll: 44% Of Dems, Dem-Leaning Independents Want Biden Off The 2024 Ticket | The Daily Wire

I don’t know what they do if this reaches 50%. Probably start polling how many feel he should be allowed to complete his first term.

The Marist poll stated, “36% of Democrats and Democratic leaning independents say their party will have a better chance winning the White House with Biden at the top of the ticket. 44% want someone else, and 20% are unsure.”

According to fivethirtyeight.com, Biden’s disapproval numbers crossed over 50% of respondents on October 20, and they have not dipped under 50% since. His disapproval numbers have been steadily ascending since January 28 of this year, according to fivethirtyeight.com, with the disapproval numbers surpassing the approval numbers for the first time in that period on August 30.

Those numbers are just brutal. More want him off the ticket than on.


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