08 November, 2021

Right on Problem, Wrong on Solution

Nation in ‘Energy Crisis,’ White House Adviser Says (dailysignal.com)

A top White House official said there was an “energy crisis” in the U.S. and urged foreign fossil-fuel producers to ramp up production to quell it.


This is a crisis created by your boss. The United States was a net energy exporter just one year ago. We have the largest energy reserves in the entire world. We don’t need other fossil fuel producers to ramp up production. We need to do that ourselves.

Drill, baby, drill.

“We see this as an energy crisis because this is not just natural gas prices that have been elevated, but crude oil is at very high levels at the moment … and gasoline prices in the United States today are at seven-year highs as natural gas peaks at the same time,” White House energy adviser Amos Hochstein remarked during a virtual event hosted by the International Energy Forum on Thursday. “So I think this is an energy crisis.”

How can you even say such things without recognizing the reason why. His former boss, Obama, was famous for saying that we’re “not going to drill our way out”, but that’s exactly what we did. Then Biden turned off all the pumps again. And everyone is surprised when gas prices go up.

Most incompetent administration in U.S. history.

Biden’s America.


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