10 November, 2021

And There It Is

Only 8 days late, I have the results of the Virginia Governor’s Race.

Virginia Election Results Are In – PJ Media

Early on in the race, the typical issues of the economy and jobs dominated the discussion, but as the campaign drew to a close, education became a front-and-center issue. Concerns over critical race theory, combined with parents’ increasing concerns over how much say they should have in their children’s education, brought education into the spotlight. Scandals in Loudoun County, where a gender-fluid male student raped a female student in a bathroom, helped make education a hot topic.

McAuliffe stated several times that parents had no say in their kids’ education. When Youngkin pointed McAuliffe’s statements out in an ad, McAuliffe said that Youngkin had taken him out of context, which wasn’t true. McAuliffe’s problems became worse when former president Barack Obama described parents’ worries as “fake outrage.”

As education took center stage, the polls began to narrow. McAuliffe’s attempts to tie Youngkin to Donald Trump failed, but McAuliffe couldn’t shake the specter of Joe Biden, especially when he brought Democratic luminaries like Randi Weingarten into Virginia to stump for him.

Youngkin surged in the last days of the race, and he appears to have carried his momentum all the way across the finish line.

Congratulations to Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin (R-VA), and to the rest of his incredible team. I’ll have many more thoughts in the coming days.

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