12 November, 2021

Yeah, but What Are Their Pronouns?

U.S. Military Issues Dire Warning About China’s Rapid Military, Nuclear Weapons Buildup | The Daily Wire

In all truth, this is pretty scary. I hope there is some good leadership still in our armed forces. I assume there is.

“A new Pentagon estimate says China will likely have ‘at least’ 1,000 deliverable nuclear warheads by 2030 … the U.S. estimated that the country’s atomic arsenal consisted of about 200 warheads just last year,” Politico reported. “For Pentagon planners and the Biden administration, China’s maritime expansion is likewise of concern. The breakneck military buildup has produced a 360-ship navy, pushing well past the 297 hulls that the U.S. Navy operates. The Office of Naval Intelligence estimates that by 2030, China will have 425 ships in the water.”

The report comes after U.S. intelligence officials were caught off guard last month over two hypersonic missile launches from China. U.S. Military officials are concerned about the speed at which China is expanding their abilities in nuclear, cyber, space, land, sea, and air domains.

What a frightening time to be alive. But then, maybe they all are.

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