13 November, 2021

It’s Really Sad That Being ”Pro-cop” Is Something That You Have to Defend

Bakery forced to defend itself after "2SLGBTQ" group takes offense to police badge social media post (reclaimthenet.org)

They put a silly sticker up saying that they were junior officers. These are little badges given to kids by police, and they got one too. The alphabet soup group didn’t like it.

“Hi hi! Oh it’s just a sticker!” LenJo Bakes responded. “A couple of officers stopped in for a brekkie and gave one to one of our customers kids and I wanted one too! We were Jr. Officers for… as long as the stickers held on for.”

The 2SLGBTQ group responded by saying they would no longer do business with the bakery for its “pro-cop” message.

“Due to your pro-cop post, we as a 2SLGBTQ organization are no longer comfortable supporting you as a business,” they responded. “As such, we are pulling you from our event today for which we had ordered some cookies and squares.”

If you’re not comfortable with something cute and silly like this, I suggest you face the problem by taking a long look in the mirror.

Johnson said that the director of the 2SLGBTQ group called and said that they “would like to see a public post saying that I’m *not* pro-cop and acknowledging that a posting a photo of a sticker of a police badge on Halloween was *not* just a sticker, but a harmful symbol.”

A sticker of a police badge is a “harmful symbol”. Wow. You really have a twisted set of values.

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