11 November, 2021

It’s Because They Hate Rural Folks

Virginia takeaway: Dems gave up on rural voters and it's a disaster for them – HotAir

While the McAuliffe campaign sure put a lot of effort into making Youngkin out to be a Trump clone in Northern Virginia, there didn’t seem to be any effort to replicate the Georgia runoff by convincing rural MAGA voters that Youngkin wouldn’t fight hard enough for Trump or the fraudits or against the people behind the pandemic or whatever else is riling up the base these days. Do these voters really think that when the 2024 election needs to be stolen that Willard Glenn Youngkin is the man they want with the pen? No way! But this type of messaging was absent from the campaign.

They don’t want to get rural voters. They want rural voters to just go away. That’s flyover country. These folks are part of the basket of deplorables whether they support Trump or not. As time goes by, the Democrats appeal focuses more and more on the cities and only the cities.

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