13 November, 2021

More News I Won’t Be Blogging About in a Timely Fashion

Sorry. I am trying to catch up and getting closer.

The Kyle Rittenhouse trial has entered it’s final stages. It will go to the jury on Tuesday at the latest. I don’t expect deliberations to take very long. So, it will be over while I’m still blogging about the trial.

This article is from 4 November, and it’s now 13 November.

‘That’s Hearsay:’ Kyle Rittenhouse Judge Clashes With Prosecutor Over Video Evidence | The Daily Wire

Assistant District Attorney Thomas Binger argued that the narration accompanying the video helped to illustrate Rittenhouse’s “state of mind” at the time, a suggestion that prompted scoffs from the defense.

“Unless this un-subpoenaed person can read minds, that’s a ridiculous argument. This narrator is going to prove my client’s state of mind? That’s absurd,” attorney Mark Richards said.

The judge made the correct ruling, I think.

Judge Bruce Schroeder at times appeared exasperated with the prosecutor and agreed with the defense, saying that some of the narration seemingly could be “hearsay.”

Schroeder eventually decided that the prosecution could play the video but had to mute it except when the audio was relevant.

The prosecution has angered the judge a few times already. I don’t think the judge is very sympathetic to their case, but is working very hard to be impartial. He clearly doesn’t want to give either side any grounds for appeal based upon his rulings.

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