10 November, 2021

And Now I Turn to Kyle Rittenhouse

Whose explosive trial is already in progress. I’m still attempting to get caught up. I suspect I’ll still be posting about the trial even after it’s over, but each day I get a little closer to being caught up. Maybe by Thanksgiving.

FBI Spy Video Shows Kyle Rittenhouse Being Chased Down at Kenosha Riot...Which Explains Why You've Never Seen It – PJ Media

For more than a year, prosecutors in the Kyle Rittenhouse case have possessed FBI spy video footage taken by a fixed wing plane flying above the Kenosha riots. Kyle Rittenhouse’s defense attorneys say they only learned of its existence recently. On Tuesday, the public finally got a look at it.

It’s pretty clear why the prosecution was playing hide-the-ball with the evidence and why Rittenhouse’s defense attorneys were the first to show it in court. Over prosecutorial objections, Judge Bruce Schroeder allowed Rittenhouse’s attorneys to use their opening statement to show photos, videos, and, yes, the FBI’s FLIR thermal images of the first of three shootings the night of August 25, 2020. It was an unusual move and one you’ll see more defense attorneys replicate in the future.

This case should never have gone this far. No charges should have been filed against Kyle Rittenhouse. The evidence is so overwhelmingly in his favor that it’s amazing to see this play out. He should be acquitted. In a just society he would be acquitted and every jury member would shake his hand afterwards. But we don’t live in a just world. We shall see.

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