09 November, 2021

It Was a Stupid Play, and He Should Pay the Price

Today's deep question: Just how badly will the tikis torch Terry? – HotAir

You made a bonehead play. Or your allies did. With or without your direction. Doesn’t really matter. You can’t escape being tarnished by it. This kind of thing might be funny and make the point you’re trying to make if it’s two or three months out from the election. Just days out and it smacks of lying desperation.

Lying desperation isn’t usually a good tactic to win elections.

The real question after yesterday’s bizarre and incredibly incompetent dirty trick is this: Did Terry McAuliffe get screwed by his own pet ratf****rs? The answer to the latter question is indubitably yes, but that may let Team McAuliffe off too easily. Whether it does any real damage to his election prospects is tough to suss out, but his allies are worried, Newsweek reports today:

The action on Friday by the PAC has prompted concerns that it could harm the election prospects of the Democratic candidate, Terry McAuliffe, whom it had intended to help.

Lis Smith, a former senior advisor to Democratic primary candidate Pete Buttigieg tweeted: “What a massive, massive screw up. The last thing that the McAuliffe campaign needed this weekend. A total disservice to the hundreds of hard-working staffers on the ground.”

Meanwhile, Mark Rozell, dean of the Schar School of Policy and Government at George Mason University, told The Washington Post: “The overreach backfires because it is so ridiculous in its execution it hurts the point they’re trying to make.” …

Virginia legislator Sally Hudson tweeted: “Charlottesville is not a prop. Our community is still reeling from years of trauma—especially this week. Don’t come back, @ProjectLincoln. Your stunts aren’t welcome here.”

The journalist, Jordan Fischer described the timing of the stunt as an “extremely gross thing,” while Josh Jordan tweeted that the action “was horribly executed and probably helped Youngkin.”

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