09 November, 2021

So, What You’re Sayings Is That White Privilege Isn’t Always a Privilege

Ibram X. Kendi accidentally undermines his views on white privilege and systemic racism in now-deleted tweet | The Post Millennial

Wait, why would whites lie and pretend to be non-white? Wouldn’t that make things harder for them?

"Thirteen percent," The Hill reports, "falsely marked that they were Latino, while 10 percent falsely claimed to be Black. Nine percent of those surveyed lied that they were Asian or Pacific Islander." Of these students who checked identity boxes to which they were not entitled, 85 percent "believe that falsifying their racial minority status helped them secure admission to college."

The numbers further show that 48 percent of those lying about their race were white male students, compared to only 16 percent of white female students.

Kendi presumably shared the story before he realized that instead of holding up his ideas about race and society in the US, it could be evidence of exactly the opposite of his views, which would be likely why he deleted it.


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