13 November, 2021

Not an Encouraging Response

Milley Pressed On Whether U.S. Will Defend Taiwan From China: ‘We’re Just Interested In A Peaceful Outcome’ | The Daily Wire

China is interested in a peaceful outcome also, but probably not the same one that Taiwan wants.

“What is the U.S. commitment to Taiwan?” Holt asked.

“Well, we have, as you know, we have the Taiwan Relations Act and the three communiques that go with it,” Milley responded. “They come into being in the, during the Nixon administration. Those are still the U.S. government’s policy and it’s really an issue of ambiguity. But what we want with the U.S. government’s policy is, is that whatever issues Taiwan and the People’s Republic of China have, they resolve them peacefully, in accordance with the will of the people of the island of Taiwan and the people of China. We’re just interested in a peaceful outcome.”

If I were Taiwanese, I would be very concerned out the word choice here. It is not anywhere close to a strong defense of the people of Taiwan.

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