12 November, 2021

Winsome Sears vs. Joy Reid–PPV Extravaganza??

Winsome Sears Challenges Joy Reid For MSNBC Invite: ‘Let’s See If She’s Woman Enough’ | The Daily Wire

“I wish Joy Reid would invite me on her show. Let’s see if she’s woman enough to do that. I’d go in a heartbeat and we’d have a real discussion without Joy speaking about me behind my back, if you will,” Sears responded. “I mean, Joy, come on. Get your facts straight and then come talk to me.”

Sears also put out a challenge to former ESPN anchor Jemele Hill to come on MSNBC as well for a “panel discussion.” Hill reacted to Republicans’ winning in Virginia by blaming “white supremacy.”

Neither of these two will take the bait. They know they can’t stand with Sears in an even fight.

But good for Sears for speaking out and standing up tall. More of this, please. Lots more.

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