09 November, 2021

CRT = Racism. Period.

CRT: It Doesn’t Exist…And It’s Awesome! [with comment by Paul] | Power Line (powerlineblog.com)

Read this and tell me there’s any other conclusion to draw.

Quoting liberally from Power Line Blog because it’s so important:

These people are openly anti-American. They make no bones about it. They hate our country and are trying to destroy it, and their control over K-12 education, which is unchallenged in many places, makes that a reasonable ambition. While national attention is understandably focused on Virginia’s election for governor, the country’s school board elections will be more important in the long run.

Wherever you live, seats on your school board are probably being contested. The Golden Rule is, never vote for anyone who is endorsed by your state’s teachers’ union. If you inquire, you can easily find out whether there are pro-America candidates running for your local school board. If there are, you should vote for them. Turnout in school board elections is notoriously low, often in single digits, which is why far-left teachers’ unions have generally been able to select the school boards “against” whom they negotiate contracts.

This year, pro-America candidates have emerged in most states. Some will win, but most, in all likelihood, will fail to overcome the Left’s immense financial resources. But next year may be a different story: this year some tremors, in 2022, the earthquake. With another year, not just to spread awareness of the evils of CRT and the anti-American bias that has largely taken over our public schools, but also to organize, identify candidates, raise a modest amount of money and rally behind them, we may see a revolution.

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