12 November, 2021

I Was Optimistic When I Said $5 Gas

Methane Regulations Threaten Oil Industry | National Review

According to an article in the November 2, 2021, Wall Street Journal, Biden’s EPA will soon issue regulations requiring that all associated natural gas released in conjunction with oil production be put in pipelines for delivery to market:

The Environmental Protection Agency would seek for the first time to regulate methane at existing wells nationwide, a move smaller producers fought for years. The move would place roughly a million new and existing wells under EPA methane regulation, with stricter requirements for new wells in addition to the first-time regulations for old ones. . . .

. . .  The rules would mandate what the EPA calls “a comprehensive monitoring program to require companies to find and fix leaks” across operations including wells, pipes and storage tanks. The agency’s plan includes provisions to encourage the use of new technology such as drones for more effective monitoring.

It would also prohibit venting off gas at oil wells, which producers sometimes do when oil is much more valuable than gas. The EPA would require producers to put that gas in a pipeline to be sold when possible to keep natural gas from being wasted. In 2030 alone, that would save $690 million worth of gas that might otherwise be wasted, the agency said.


Hard to believe this isn’t on purpose. He doesn’t care what happens to your gas bill, your heating bill, your tax bill, your grocery bill, or any of your bills.

The Democrats have declared war on America, and right now America is losing. Big time.

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