09 November, 2021

So Much Wrong in One Short Title

Nation of Islam Professor: Jewish Weed Is Making Black Men Gay – PJ Media

Anit-Semitism. Homophobia. And what the heck is “Jewish weed” anyway?

“It is Jewish genius that has helped to weaponize the weed so that it may effeminize the black male of America. And be clear, it is Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam that is standing in between the total demasculinization of the black man in America,” Muhammad boldly and unscientifically declared.


Ok, I thought we’d established that you cant “turn people gay”, just as you can’t “turn people straight”.

Second, we can weaponize marijuana now? I wasn’t even aware that Jews had much to do with pot. Huh.

Really, the whole thing is patently ridiculous.

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