10 November, 2021

American Airlines Flight Staffs Follow Example Set by Southwest

This isn’t surprising. The commercial airline community is extremely tight.

American Airlines cancels about 1,800 weekend flights, citing weather and staffing (msn.com)

Someone needs to solve this problem before we have nationwide strikes.

About two-thirds of Sunday’s cancellations were due to a lack of flight attendants in the right places, with almost all the remaining cancellations due to a shortage of pilots, according to internal figures seen by The Associated Press.

The nature of the debacle — starting with bad weather in part of the country before spinning out of control — was similar to disruptions at Southwest Airlines  in early October. Together, the twin failures raised ominous questions about whether major airlines are prepared for the busy upcoming holiday travel period.

Flight attendants and pilots. Not really surprising that flight attendants would join in retrospect.

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