09 November, 2021

The Only Thing Shocking Is That Anyone Had Any Confidence in Him in the First Place

Shock NBC Poll Shows Americans Have ‘Lost Their Confidence’ In Biden, Chuck Todd Says | The Daily Wire

A new NBC poll shows that a whopping 71% of Americans believe the U.S. is on the wrong track, a number that does not bode well for the party in charge, NBC’s Chuck Todd noted.

“Just 22 percent of adults say we’re headed in the right direction,” Todd said Sunday on NBC. “A shocking 71 percent say we’re on the wrong track, and that includes a near majority of Democrats who are saying that.”

The good thing from the Democrat perspective about Biden is that since he’s so obviously mentally unfit, they can invoke the 25th at any time. They’re just waiting for the right time.

That time may be coming. His numbers can’t drop too much farther before he begins to damage everything the Democrats want to do. Actually, he’s there already. The question is whether replacing him would make things worse or not. Getting close to the point of “not”.

Many of those who changed their minds are Democrats. Back in April, a sizeable majority, 64% of Democrats believed the country was headed in the right direction. Now, only 41% think so.

When only 41% of your own party thinks the country is headed in the right direction, you are in deep trouble.

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