12 November, 2021

Many Trumpists Don’t Like Nikki Haley Anymore Because They Feel She Didn’t Stand By Him After the Election

I say give her a break. Trump put people in a bad spot there. He went too far without solid proof. He may have been right, but he made himself look crazy. No one wants to be caught agreeing with The Crazy man. Haley did what she had to do. From my standpoint the 2024 GOP Primary is a two person race. Nikki Haley and Ron DeSantis. I’ll support whoever wins, but they’re probably the only two I would support enthusiastically.

‘Don’t Mess With Our Kids’: Nikki Haley Hails Republicans' Election Wins (dailysignal.com)

Former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley celebrated Republican electoral victories in Virginia on Wednesday, cautioning the GOP not to become arrogant, but rather to focus on the tasks at hand.

“This is parents’ way of telling government: Don’t mess with our kids,” Haley said Wednesday at The Heritage Foundation as she delivered the annual Margaret Thatcher Freedom Lecture. “It is people who are done with all the culture wars, and see the ridiculousness of it.”

She’s using a populist message here, and one that has the bonus of being right. And Right. She can be formidable in 2024, but can also flame out. We shall see. Predicting the primary season is about as safe as predicting the lottery.

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