12 November, 2021

She’s a Democrat From Hawaii and Constantly Attacks the Left

I still don’t get Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI). Is she going to switch parties? Is she angling for a job somewhere? What’s her end game. I know she has one. She’s very smart.

Tulsi Gabbard Cheers McAuliffe Loss in Virginia: ‘A Victory For All Americans’ | The Daily Wire

In the aftermath of the victory of GOP gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin in Virginia over Democratic candidate Terry McAuliffe, former Democrat congresswoman and presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard cheered the results, tweeting, “McAuliffe’s loss is a victory for all Americans. Why? Because it was a resounding rejection of efforts to divide us by race, the stripping of parental rights, and arrogant, deaf leaders. This benefits us all.”

I agree with her 100%, but this is something no other Democrat would dare to say. Or even think.

What’s she up to?

Pardon me for being suspicious. I am not generally so by nature, and am always happy to welcome people to the cause. But as far as I know she has not renounced her Party. Until she does, I assume she has some sort of plan. Surely she doesn’t think she can change the Democratic Party and get it to move to the center? Because that ship has sailed.

I want to trust her. She seems great. I just don’t know her plan, and that keeps me cautious.

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