13 November, 2021

This Is Important, Because ”Quantitative Easing” Adds Significantly to Inflation Pressure

It’s really amazing that our QE efforts have not led to high inflation already. I’ve been against it from the very beginning, but I have to admit that for the most part, the Fed’s management of it has been masterful.

Until now.

As High Inflation Persists, Federal Reserve Unveils First Official Plan To Roll Back Stimulus | The Daily Wire

The bond purchases are only indirectly tied to QE. I don’t know when the last round of QE was, but this clearly shows that they’re not planning another any time soon.

In order to stimulate the economy following the onset of COVID-19 and the lockdown-induced recession in March 2020, the Federal Reserve pegged a near-zero target interest rate and began buying $120 billion in assets each month.

Central bankers have been hinting at a taper for several months. During a Wednesday meeting, however, officials revealed the first step in rolling back monetary stimulus: cutting bond purchases by $15 billion in both November and December.

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