27 November, 2021

And a Peek at Rittenhouse Verdict Reaction From the Left

Leftist Meltdown Over Rittenhouse Not Guilty Verdict (legalinsurrection.com)

I’m going to say two things right off.

  1. If you were at all surprised by the verdict, you haven’t paid attention to the facts in this case. As some have said, you need to rethink your news sources
  2. If you’re upset by the verdict, then you must feel that it was okay for people to attack Kyle Rittenhouse and not okay for him to defend himself. Make no mistake about it, if Kyle Rittenhouse had not done what he’d be dead now. Period. More bluntly, if you’re upset with the verdict, you want Kyle dead. Period.

Ugh. These are horrible.

Anthony Huber and Joseph Rosenbaum are child rapists and kidnappers. And they would have been killers if Kyle hadn't defended himself.

I would hate to live in such a world

Maybe don't riot and attack people carrying guns.

Kyle wasn't the one burning up a city.

When you have no argument, bring up something that has nothing at all to do with the case in question.

Yes, 1619 is quite relevant to this case 402 years later. *eye roll*

Everything in this tweet is either irrelevant or wrong.

The system is designed to protect those who protect themselves.

Let me help you. Wrong: Rioting, burning, attacking people who are trying to stop you from doing that. Right: defending yourself from violent attackers and rioters.

Twelve impartial jurors disagree.

What a hack.

Again, irrelevant and/or wrong. Kyle was legally allowed to carry the weapon, and who cares that he went across state lines. Why would anyone think that's important?

I don't care what a racist homophobe like Joy Reid thinks about anything.

We don't know that. And irrelevant anyway. Are you suggesting because some injustice might have occurred if Kyle were black, that he should also suffer injustice? Because that's how it sounds to me.

He can claim self defense, because it was self defense. Did you not watch the trial?

Consequences for the judge? For what? He bent over backwards giving the prosecution as much leeway as he could.

I'm not even sure what the point of this tweet is.

Well, they weren't victims, and otherwise, youy watched a different trial than I did.

Again, no argument, so bring up a lot of cases that have no bearing on this one.

Any "enraged" young people need a better education in our justice system from the schools, and in the nature of right vs. wrong from their parents.

That sounds suspiciously like a threat.

I suspect he will not face censure for this.

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