23 November, 2021

Nothing in Life Is Free

State ID support in Apple Wallet will cost taxpayers money according to records – Neowin

In September, Neowin reported that users would be able to add their driver’s license and state IDs to their Apple Wallet. It turns out that taxpayers will have to foot the bill for state ID support, according to confidential documents seen by CNBC. The documents show that Apple has a lot more control over the arrangements than the various states which raises questions.

Under the agreements signed with Georgia, Arizona, Kentucky and Oklahoma, Apple gets the power of sole discretion over important aspects of the program such as what devices are compatible with the digital IDs, how states must report on the performance of the initiative and when the program is launched in each area. Additionally, any marketing the states wish to do about the program will have to be reviewed and approved by Apple.

*sigh* No Indiana yet.

But what is Neowin’s problem with it?

Perhaps the most troubling part of the contract signed by the states, however, is the fact that they will have to pay the costs of the program instead of Apple which ultimately means the taxpayer will be footing the bill. As most people own Android phones and not iPhones, you have to ask whether paying Apple to support ID cards on Apple Wallet is even a good use of taxpayer money.

Well, Neowin has turned completely socialist over the last few years, so this is no surprise.

Apple should just do this for free? They are a commercial enterprise. Of course they are going to charge for it. It costs them money to produce after all. And of course taxpayers will have to pay for it.

This might be the most stupid thing I’ve ever read on Neowin and that’s setting the bar really freakin’ high.

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