25 November, 2021

It’s Taken Me a Week, but I’ve Figured Out What’s Happening Here

I mentioned earlier that I didn’t understand the CNN hit job on Vice President Kamala Harris (D-USA), but now I do.

HUGE: Imminent Vacancy Rumors Swirling on Capitol Hill – PJ Media

Is a high-profile confirmation hearing on Capitol Hill on the horizon? On Tuesday night, Fox News’ Jesse Watters reported that Fox News congressional correspondent Chad Pergram “has been hearing whispers suggesting there could be some new, high-profile confirmation hearings on the horizon in the House of Representatives.”

“Why is this a big deal? Because the House does not confirm normal nominees, but it does confirm vice presidential nominees. Does this have something to do with Kamala Harris?” Watters pondered.

Recent reports have suggested there’s a lot of tension and dysfunction behind the scenes in the White House. Kamala Harris isn’t happy with the role she’s been asked to play and her allies are accusing Biden of racism for favoring Transportation Secretary Buttigieg over her.

Here’s my theory.

Joe and the Democrats have decided that he’s not going to be able to last out his term. His mental faculties are declining too rapidly to even be able to pretend to hide anymore. He’s also toxically unpopular at the moment. So, he’s going to step down. Possibly before the mid-terms.

But they don’t want Harris to replace him. She’s even less popular than he is, and will be harder to control.

So, they have to push her out first, like what happened with Nixon and Agnew. Replace Harris with someone everyone likes, then have Biden develop a medical condition that requires that he step aside also, and boom, they have someone they like in the Oval Office. Someone who can run in 2024 without Biden baggage and someone who isn’t Kamala Harris.

That’s my theory.

Stay tuned.

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