24 November, 2021

Some People Aren’t Fit to Own Businesses

Part of being a good business owner, perhaps the most important part, is not being a d*ck. The owners here fail that one task.

Seattle Pizza Shops Shame, Refuse Service to Unjabbed – Including To-Go Orders (lifezette.com)

Windy City Pie takes it a step further by shaming anyone who has opted not to get the Covid shot, as the text prefacing their online menu tells people to eat out “nowhere” if they haven’t surrendered to the pro-jab mob’s demands:


Why can’t rioters take out shops like these?

But they’re not the only ones.

Just like Windy City Pie, would-be patrons of Breezy Town Pizza also require proof that someone has received their Covid shot to dine inside, but at least make an exception for medical exemptions. However, Breezy Town Pizza takes things farther in that even people ordering food to-go need to be jabbed.

I’m vaccinated, but I will still take my business elsewhere, and I hope your business fails spectacularly.

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