23 November, 2021

He’s Not Breaking the Rules Yet, but They’ll Figure Out Something

Kanter Blasts NBA, Claims He Was Asked To Remove ‘Free Tibet’ Sneakers For Fear Of Being ‘Banned’ | The Daily Wire

“I have been talking about all the human rights violations and injustice [happening] in Turkey for 10 years, and I did not get one phone call. I talk about China one day … I was getting a phone call once every two hours,” the basketball player said.

Kanter then told Amanpour that when he first donned his “Free Tibet” sneakers on the court in Madison Square Garden, “two guys from the NBA” approached him and said that he needed to remove his shoes. When the officials allegedly told him that he wasn’t actually breaking any rules, Kanter kept his sneakers on, and the officials apparently later apologized.

“[I’m] getting ready for my citizenship test, and I’ve been studying really hard, and there’s 27 amendments, and my First Amendment is the greatest amendment, is the freedom of speech,” Kanter reportedly told the officials.

The NBA often submits to the will of the Chinese. I’m sure they will find a way to make Kanter’s shoes illegal and yet still support BLM and other approved causes.

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