27 November, 2021

You Should Not Give the NBA Any of Your Money

Famously Woke NBA Releases Statement On Rittenhouse Verdict, Claims Rittenhouse’s Attackers Were Peacefully Protesting | The Daily Wire

I’ve been saving this picture. This is an example of the “peaceful protests” in Kenosha.


The NBA should be ashamed for defending this. Everyone who has defended this should be ashamed.

By the way, this is exactly where Kyle Rittenhouse was. He was trying to defend this car lot.


For the record, has the Kenosha rioters actually been “peacefully protesting”, I would be on their side. As this blog has made quite clear, I am an unabashed supporter of free speech. I set the bar extremely high to impose any restrictions upon it.

Arson, rioting, looting, vandalism do not constitute free speech. They are theft and acts of violence.

If you’re on the side of that, I will never be on your side, and you are not on the side of American liberty.

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