23 November, 2021

Thanks, Joe!

California Gas Price Averages Soar to All-Time Record High – PJ Media

On Sunday, California gas prices rose to a record-setting high average of $4.676 per gallon for regular gasoline, according to the American Automobile Association (AAA). The previous record average price of $4.671 was set in October 2012.

The Golden State is America’s largest state by population and currently has the highest gas prices in the country even as the national average dropped slightly to $3.413.

One reason for the increase, AAA said, is the state’s reduced refinery production capacity due to heavy rainstorms in northern California which then trickled down the supply chain, impacting southern California similar to what happened in Louisiana during Hurricane Ida last August.

Well, at least it’s Democrats paying the most for Democrat policies. But we all get screwed, just some worse than others.

Thanks, Joe!

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