25 November, 2021

I’m Going to Compare This Sentence to Other Similar Crimes

This is insane.

BREAKING: Judge Sentences QAnon Shaman to Prison for Jan. 6 Capitol Breach – PJ Media

“The United States respectfully recommends that the Court impose a sentence of 51 months’ imprisonment followed by three years supervised release, and $2,000 restitution,” a prosecutor’s memo stated.

The judge instead sentenced Chansley today to 41 months in the hoosegow.

“What you did here was horrific, as you now concede,” declared Judge Royce Lamberth. “It is the type of conduct that is so serious that I cannot justify downward departure.”

Chansley is considered to be one of the first 30 protestors to enter the Capitol on Jan. 6. He entered with a flagpole adorned with a spear tip (probably not wise). He posed for pictures after being asked to leave. He also made social media postings in Nov. 2020 declaring that traitors should be hanged. While in the Capitol he wrote a note for former Vice President Mike Pence that read, “It’s only a matter of time, justice is coming.”

41 months for dressing up and entering the Capitol and taking some pictures. This seems completely unjust.

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